Almond Pistachio Raspberry Roulade

Spring Break is a special time in our house! We celebrate both our kiddos birthdays! This year sadly their spring breaks did not line up and one child had to go back to school and I was left with the younger one at home…with no special requests from my boy…decided to go easy with the dessert…something simple and not too elaborate! Once the kid leaves, I would be stuck with it all for myself and I cannot do that to my hips cuz you know hips don’t lie!

Anywho….started looking for simple recipes and remembered the fabulous blog by Deeba @ Passionate About Baking. I have successfully made several of her cakes in the I knew I would not fail if I picked something from there considering I left making the cake till the last minute!

I ended up with combining two recipes, Strawberry & Cream Swiss and Raspberry Pistachio Roulade to create a hybrid version….Almond Pistachio Raspberry Roulade.
I followed her recipes to the T…even her decorating style. Simple but looks so pretty!

Eggs, 4
Sugar, 1/2 cup
Almond meal, 1/2 cup sifted
Almond extract, 1/4 tsp
Pistachios, 6-7, shelled and chopped finely.

Preheat oven to 370 F
Line a jelly roll pan with parchment paper.
Heat water in a bain-marie.
Whisk eggs, sugar and almond extract till light and frothy.
Remove from heat and continue whipping till cool.
Gently fold in the almond flour.
Pour into prepared jelly roll tin.
Sprinkle the finely chopped pistachios.
Bake for around 20 minutes till light golden brown, keeping an eye during the last 5 minutes.
Do not overcook!
While it’s baking, take a clean kitchen towel larger than the baking tin.
Sprinkle confectioners sugar generously over the towel and keep aside.

As soon as you remove the tin from the oven, invert it quickly but carefully onto the towel.
Gently peel off the parchment paper.
Trim sides if necessary.
Sprinkle more confectioners sugar in this side as well.
Depending on how long or thick you want your roulade, along with the towel, start rolling the cake into a tight roll.
Keep aside till cool.

White chocolate, 50 g
Heavy whipping cream, 150 ml (divided)
Sugar, 5-6 tbsp
Pistachios, 30 g shelled and chopped finely
Raspberry preserves, 75 g
Rose petals, dry…strictly optional!
Melt the white chocolate and 50 ml cream in the microwave for around 30 seconds or till chocolate is just starting to melt. Stir till completely melted and keep aside.
Whip remaining cream and sugar till stiff peaks form.
Fold in chocolate mixture gently.
Finally add in finely chopped pistachios.

Putting it all together...
Unroll cooled cake and place on parchment paper.
Spread raspberry preserves evenly all over.
Spread whipped cream over the preserves leaving a small border all around to avoid filling from leaking.
Using the parchment paper, lightly but firmly roll it back into a roll.
Place this seam side down on cling wrap and wrap it up completely.
Refrigerate till firm. At least for a couple of hours.
When ready to serve, remove carefully and put it seam side down on serving platter.
Pipe a design with whipped cream if desired.
Garnish with crushed pistachios and rose petals if desired!!!!

Conclusion: It turned out just as lip smacking as I expected and it wasn’t too bad on the eyes either!!!

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