Chicken Dumplings in Garlic Chili Sauce

Chicken Dumplings in Garlic Chili Sauce


Been wanting to try momos/dumplings for a while now and just came across a recipe that has finally motivated me to try it out without further ado…it also helped that I did have the chicken thawing already ?

So, I am part of this fantabulous foodie group called Sikandalous Cuisine and I kid you not…one does not need to look anywhere else for inspiration…it has the most talented people I have seen anywhere! Bar none! So I checked in after a long time and the first post I see is Chicken Dumplings in Garlic Chili Sauce. I just stopped right there…could not, would not go further till I had taken this recipe to fruition…


Recipe courtesy Jaya J Sarkar@Sikandalous. Thank you!
(Recipe is verbatim. Did not want to take anything away from the recipe.)

Chicken Dumplings in Garlic Chili Sauce
By Jaya J Sarkar


One of those recipes that’s too simple to miss and too delicious to resist .

For the filling:
Minced chicken( I run it in the blender,raw): 2 thigh pieces make 20 dumplings.
1/2 inch very finely chopped ginger
2 whole green chillies finely chopped
Salt and fresh ground pepper
1 cup fine chopped spring onions ( includes both the white and the green part)
Mix the above and spray half a spoon of oil and keep in the fridge for 15 mins.


For the garlic sauce: cooking time 3 -4 mins( or its overcooked)
For 5 tsp of sauce, 2 big garlic cloves , chopped and 1 whole green chilli, 1 small red dry chilli,( you can reduce and increase basis your desire for how hot you want it to be ) little sprinkle of sugar ( half tsp)for the caramelisation.
Finely chopped two fresh garlic cloves
Finely chopped one green chilli
Finely chopped one whole red chilli( de seeded and chopped after it was soaked in hot water
5 tsp of tomato ketchup mixed with 5 tsp of water.
Heat oil ( 1 tsp) add half tsp sugar and let it caramelise. Add the chopped ingredients and ketchup in it. Take it off the flame and let it cool. It will be of a thin consistency. Thinner than ketchup, thicker than soya sauce. If not, add a little water n some salt for that extra water you added.

For the dough: Knead one cup flour with cold water, adding it little by little. Once the dough is done let it rest for fifteen minutes.



Heat a frying fan.
Roll the dough into palm sized shaped circles and put the chicken in the centre and fold. I used half moon, and both wanton shapes for personal indulgence smile emoticon Now place the dumplings on the hot pan and immediately put 1/2 cup water on it , it will lead to a noisy steam which needs to be locked above the dumplings. So use a lid which is best fitted to cover the dumplings but also allows the water to float on the sides and evaporate.

Put on low flame, once all the water has evaporated it will be cooked. Now sprinkle the sauce created on top and with a swift toss turn it on the pan with the dumplings. It coats it immediately.

Serve hot. Cook lots to be on the safe side.

Remember to:
-Not use a lot of oil.
-The pan method allows it to steam and the sauce with oil addition allows you to toss and coat in another flavour.
-The dumplings take five minutes to cook
– do not overcook the sauce.
– everything finely chopped is really finely chopped
-The colours should stay rich and fresh.
-the red Garlic sauce is on the outside while the spring onions and ginger flavour melts within the dumpling.

It’s one of those things you can learn to devour anytime:)

******************************the end********************************
Modifications: I added a tsp of oil along with the water and let them get a teeny bit crisp and served with sauce on the side…cuz I’m a wuss and didn’t want the dumplings to break. Also, I covered the whole pan with the lid instead of just the dumplings.
Note: I doubled the quantities became we are four of us at home and sirf paanch se mera kya hoga! Translation: there is no way in heck only 5 dumplings are going to do it for me…so I doubled the recipe. Highly suggest that you do too!!!?


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