Dal (lentils)…three ways

DAL….three ways. IP ishtyle

Cooking for the week in the IP is such a breeze! Though I am wayyyy behind the curve as far as how much I get out of my IP…I am getting there..baby steps…really slowwwww baby steps!
To that end, my mom sent me a set of PIP steel containers from India that I have been putting to good use!

Dal is a staple in our home. We have to have dal every single day…Using the PIP (pot-in-pot) method makes it so much easier with minimal cleanup! I know one can do the same using the traditional pressure cooker but somehow it’s just better and easier with the IP!

I make three types of dal in one shot! Plenty of variety for the week!

Pour water in the main pot till the ‘4’ mark.
Insert the rack.
Chop half an onion and 2 green chilies and add to each of the three inserts.
Also add the following…

Insert 1: Tomato Dal w/Moong
A rice cooker cup of washed moong dal.
1 large tomato.
Pinch of turmeric

Insert 2: Bok Choy Dal
A rice cooker cup of washed toor dal.
Chopped Bok Choy: 3 bunches (or any greens)
Pinch of turmeric

Insert 3: Bottle Gourd/Lauki Dal
A rice cooker cup of washed toor dal.
Bottle gourd/Lauki: Chopped into 2 inch cubes, around 2 cups
1 large tomato
Pinch of turmeric

Pour 3 cups of water in each insert. Stack them and insert the inserts into the IP. Cover the top insert with a correct sized lid.
Put the lid on the IP. Set the vent to seal.
Manual setting:15 minutes: Natural release.

Note: I am sure there are different settings that would work just as well…use what works best for you! Better yet, let me know as well?!!!

Once the pressure is gone, take out the inserts and mash lightly.
Add salt, chili powder to taste. Add water if you want thinner consistency. Remember to give it a boil if you do, in a separate container.
Add the following tempering to each insert. Quantities are for each insert. Feel free to triple the amounts and just divvy up between the three inserts.

Heat ghee/oil: 1 tbsp
1/2 tsp mustard seeds. Let it splutter.
1/2 tsp jeera/cumin seeds
2 crushed garlic
1 dry red chili, torn into three pieces
1 sprig of curry leaves
A dash of asafoetida

And there you have it!!!!Three varieties for the week!
And for next week..try Paalak/spinach, Turai/ridge gourd and raw mango….or whatever your heart pleases!!!!




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